5 best invoicing invoicing apps that integrates with stripe for businesses

Apps that Integrates with Stripe

5 Best Invoicing Apps that Integrates with Stripe for Businesses

An invoice is a document that includes the details of products purchased or services rendered from the seller to the customer. Invoices are generated by buyers to collect payments from the sellers for the purchase of goods and services.

An invoice primarily fulfills two different roles, it's a tax document, and it's a legal document. From a tax perspective, it's required to maintain your accounts if you ever get audited by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) if you are in the USA. The IRS or the Government agency responsible for Income Tax collection in your country can ask for a copy of all of the invoices that you've ever raised in a financial year.

From a legal perspective, you're demanding a formal payment request from your client. Invoice is essentially how business gets paid, so when you're talking about billing your customer, you're generally talking about giving them an invoice.

The primary functions of invoices are:
1. Legal Record of Sales
2. Legal Record of Purchases
3. Payment Tracking

An invoice can help you get paid faster and assist in legal protection, taxes, and finances for you and your customer. To learn more about Invoices and Invoicing Software check out our blog post on Invoice Management: A Starter Guide For Businesses.

Benefits of Using Invoicing Software for Businesses

Whether it’s a small business or a large corporation, everyone needs an invoice to bill their customers and maintain transaction records for revenue, profits, and tax filling. Invoicing Software can help your business track expenses, reduce paperwork, automate systems, manage customer data, receive payments, save time and money, and many more. Invoices are an essential part of every business. Here are some of the benefits of using invoices.

1. Cost-Effective: Invoicing Software can reduce the manual management of accounts to a great extent. When you use invoicing software, you can create, send, and manage invoices all in one place compared to manual work where you need to hire different people for individual invoicing tasks, thereby cutting a significant amount of costs.

2. Error Free: Manually created invoices are prone to mistakes. Switching to online invoicing software to manage invoices can help smooth accounting experience with little to no chances of errors.

3. Tackle Invoice Disputes: Invoice disputes are inevitable in businesses, especially if you own a subscription business. It happens when a customer refuses to pay an invoice for the product or service he/she has used. Invoice software keeps tracks of all the proofs for product or services offered to the customer, and it can help a business back their claim while solving invoice disputes.

4. Easy To Operate: Unlike traditional accounting software, these invoicing Software comes with proper guide and support to ensure you can process, track, and manage invoices easily. Anyone with little knowledge on how to operate a computer can use invoicing software, and you don’t have to be an accountant or a software engineer to use one. The primary advantage of using invoicing software is that you can make professional looking invoices on the go. You can also monitor all your information, such as delayed invoices, invoice disputes, canceled subscribers, refunds, total sales, revenue, and profit.

Top 5 Stripe Invoicing Apps for Businesses, Organizations, and Freelancers

If you are a business owner and generate invoices in volume, an invoicing app must manage all your invoices in one place. Below, we will show you the top 5 Stripe Invoicing Apps for Businesses, Organizations, and Freelancers.

1. Payvoice


Payvoice is a Stripe add-on for the sales team that can help you create quotes and pricing pages of Stripe Billing. With Payvoice, you can create one-off and recurring quotes, accept online and offline payments, build multi-plan pricing pages, embed pricing pages on your existing websites, and much more.

Payvoice Features

  1. Hosted Pricing Pages:</p> Create hosted subscription pages from your Stripe plan and connect them to your existing website.
    2. Quotes and Digital Signatures: Create quotes by combining your Stripe recurring plans with one-time payments from outside Stripe.
    3. Dashboard: View MRR and salesperson performance from the dashboard.
    4. CRM Integration: Integrate with your favorite CRM.


2. Invoiced


Invoiced helps business get paid faster and provide an excellent overall payment processing experience for customers worldwide. Some of the invoicing features are customer portal, installment plans, intelligent chasing, shared A/R email boxes, cash flow forecasting, and much more.

Invoiced Features

1. Online Invoicing: Let customers view and pay invoices with a hosted customer portal.
2. Subscription-Billing: Subscription payments plans for businesses to charge customers as they want, such as usage-based, tiered-based, pay as you go, and many more subscription-based billing and invoicing options.
3. Collection Tools: Automate invoice chasing and dunning management and put as much of the payment process on auto-pilot.
4. Flexible Billing: Choose from auto-pay, payment plans, and subscription or recurring based payments to maximize conversion opportunities.

3. Getinvoice.co


Getinvoice.co helps small business owners and freelancers get paid 3X faster by offering its clients a robust and straightforward payment & invoicing solution.

Getinvoice.co Features

1. Create Invoice/Quotes: Create a professional-looking invoice or quote for your clients and send it in seconds to get paid.
2. Send Receipt: Create and send payment receipt to your customers for a product purchase or service rendered accompanied with customized messages.
3. Manage Expenses: Track all the expenses with the Getinvoice.co expenses management tool. It can help you never lose a receipt for expenses that occurred.
4. Accept Online Payments: Easily create payment pages and accept payments from customers using Visa, Mastercard, or any other debit or credit cards.
5. Send Payment Reminders: Track unpaid invoices and send a friendly payment reminder to your customers to get paid.

4. Invoice By Alto

Invoice By Alto

Invoice By Alto offers professional-looking mobile invoices, estimates, and client management for businesses, freelancers, and contractors. You can get paid directly via Stripe by providing a Stripe link directly inside the invoice.

Invoice By Alto Features

1. Unparalleled Client Management: Assign contracts to your clients with ease using Invoice By Alto’s client management feature.
2. Send Professional Invoices: Choose from several beautifully designed invoice templates and send them to your customers. You can customize the invoice templates by adding your Company’s logo.
3. Easy Invoice Management: Utilize one-tap function and create invoices, duplicates, add payments, and thank you messages to your invoice and documents.
4. Intelligent Time Tracking: Convert the time directly into an invoice and send them to bill your clients in the given billing period.

5. Avaza


Avaza is a robust all-in-one platform that offers client-focused businesses with time tracking, project management, quoting, and invoicing features. Avaza supports multi-currency invoicing and supports Stripe Payments.

Avaza Features

1. Professional Quotes & Invoices: Create and send professional invoices to your customers in seconds with the assistance of free-form line terms and on-billing of timesheets.
2. Recurring Invoices: Bill clients on billing period with Avaza’s online invoicing feature that can automate the whole recurring billing process and workflow.
3. Track Payments: Record payment received from customers against your invoices. Test splitting payments or partial payments across multiple invoices.
4. Flexible Scheduling Option: Setup your preferred recurring invoices schedule and send invoices automatically within a billing period.


We recommend you choose “Payvoice – Quotes and Pricing Pages for Stripe,” as your invoicing app that integrates with Stripe. You can create invoices from anywhere, create embeddable pricing pages, and integrate with your existing websites, and you’ll find many more unmatched invoicing features.