Install Payvoice

Start managing Stripe through our app.
Written by Shay

Its really easy to install Payvoice on your app. Once, installed, you can start creating your subscription plans.  

First,create an account on Payvoice signup page

Then start making your plans: 

Here's how you can make your plans: 

  1. Payvoice is an Stripe integration so you need an Stripe account.If you don't have an Stripe account, you can create one at Create an Stripe account.
  2. Connect with Strip through our app.
  3. Craete your products and plans. 
  4. Craete plan pages. 
  5. Install the JavaScript code. 

How to install the JavaScript code

  1. Grab the JavaScript code from your account. 
  2. <script>
      window.PayvoiceConfig = {
        account_uuid: "3af0dc53-82a2-4491-967c-b493a8f57d43"
        page_uuid: "567f743c-de92-4f6c-8a40-6a778bc7b306"
        customer_id: "<%= current_user.uuid %>"
  3. Paste the code right before the closing body tag of the page where you want your subscription plans to appear. 
  4. Change your customer_id, which is a secure uuid that identifies the current user's account in your system. 

Now you're ready to start using Payvoice. Watch a product  demo